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May 14, 2017
May 5, 2017
Defending Positivity
June 21, 2017

The Gratitude Journal

E xpressing gratitude is an essential component to creating more success. If we keep reminding ourselves of what we have yet to accomplish, or what we have yet to achieve, then we are not practicing Positive Thinking but partaking in negative thinking! A Gratitude Journal should be something you are actually going to use, and for that reason I would recommend that you select a writing journal that has distinguishing features that makes you WANT to write in it. If we are trying to manifest our goals we need to be inspired and a great cover to our journal is a significant part of that, as is a fancy pen to write with!

Write in your journal first thing in the morning. I don’t write a great deal in mine, often it is repetitive; I give thanks and praise to the same things over and over again. Some might call it a form of praying or meditating even, it doesn’t matter how you frame it to yourself, just date it and write the things you are thankful for line by line. Once you do that you will begin to notice that no matter what you have in front of you, you already have success in your life. You have stated some facts! Positive facts! I have included some examples that I use in my own Journal to express my gratitude, you are free to use any of it if it is beneficial to you.

  • Thank-you universe for giving me a pretty awesome life!
  • Thanks for that long phone call out of the blue from my brother.
  • I have a family that loves me - thank-you!
  • Thank-you for providing me with life’s necessities.
  • I loved the unexpected gift you sent me – thank-you so much!
  • Thank-you for my true friends.

It does not need to be an epic novel – it just requires you to actually pause and think that you may not be the unlucky individual who doesn’t have ANYTHING that you keep telling yourself that you are. You are actually more capable and competent than even YOU may be thinking! Once we start to think of all the negative messages that we keep enlarging in our own minds from ourselves and from others, we must surely see the logic behind writing all the good things that we do have! A Gratitude Journal is very effective in re-wiring our negativity to tune into a positive frequency, the Positive Channel!

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