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Negative Ned and Negative Nancy

May 5, 2017
Giving is Positive
May 5, 2017
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May 5, 2017
D on’t ask for advice from a Negative Ned or a Negative Nancy. They are dealing with their own problems and not in the mood to ‘deal’ with yours. Don’t give them a ‘high-five’ for instance and expect them to go along with it. They might be otherwise incredibly nice and optimistic people but you happened to ‘catch’ them on a bad day. Everybody has those days.

It could be other things too – they could just have one of those personality disorders or just be dealing with their own personal issues. It might also be something entirely different – they have no interest whatsoever in what you are discussing or, they do have an interest but not to the degree that you do. Rather than allowing any of these factors to affect your positive thinking – the best course of action in any case is to seek someone more positive. You’ll never get through to a person who is negative on that level without their desire to change.

It isn’t giving up – because positive thinking isn’t about giving up, it’s about redirecting your energy towards a source which is more positively aligned with your own energy. When we are successful at doing this – we are able to evaluate our interactions with other people far more accurately and, as a result of this ability, we can amass more positive interactions which are more united with our own core values. Isn’t that all we truly hope to accomplish at the end of the day for ourselves and the people that we care about at?

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