Welcome to the first issue of


Volume 1

Issue 1

21 May 2017

Hello PIZAZZ NEWS Readers,

I am very excited to present to you the very first issue of PIZAZZ NEWS. This is a very exciting year not only for me but for all of us as we continue to courageously and assertively pursue our goals, and also, dream a little bigger each and EVERY day!

Life is a mixture of experiences – some are terrific, some are bland, and then we get the experiences we don’t want to have. The ones that make us wish we could wish ourselves or others away.

The migraines! The more self-aware a person is, and in 2017 we are all pretty switched on and intelligent, the harder it is to not get affected and sucked into other people’s negative vibes. We not only get it in person – but through the technology. Social media, internet sites, fake news, and real news – you catch my drift completely I am sure of it. And YET, when confronted with this ambiguity and hostility even, there is always another angle, a different story, a better strategy. This is where my passion lies – in applying positive strategies to overcoming the obstacles.

Make no mistake – negative thinking is a waste of time without a solution. Positive Thinking is that solution.

I have started this project with one goal in mind and that is to increase, support, and spread Positive Thinking. Like a virus - a happy virus. So you have been warned! Anything else, like rubbishing positivity or ‘success shaming’ is completely unproductive and counter intuitive to what I am pursuing. It doesn’t serve me or anyone else to wallow in my self-pity or spread my negative vibes – and guess what? The same applies to you!!!

Yes, the truth is we can actually invest and direct our energies strategically, and it doesn’t need to be a solo mission, we can accomplish our individual goals by focussing and directing our energies to support Positive Thinking. The more Positive Thinkers the better! What’s the worst it could do – send faster and more powerful vibrational frequencies into the universe? Bring more calm, peace and potentially cause feelings of euphoria? Stop it at once – this is egregious!!!

So enjoy this issue of PIZAZZ NEWS - blog, interact with me on Twitter, Face Book and the picture thingies, say hello, don’t be shy, boring people don’t get this far, and tell me what you think about all this. I’m not selling anything, yet. But when and if I do – you’ll get plenty of notice so you can avoid the big announcement, exotic location and stay away from the hot guys and girls giving away free booze all night. I don’t wish any of that on my worst enemy! Each issue of PIZAZZ NEWS will feature an individual who is an Artist such as a Musician, Singer, DJ, Actor, Writer, Designer or an Entrepreneur, an Academic or a leader in a particular field – intellectual, philosophical or otherwise - basically someone who is not bloody boring.

So I leave you all now but I look forward to telling you all to keep Thinking Positive and Just Do IT! ENJOY the interview and thank-you for joining me in this little soiree.

Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,
Natasha Stone,
Defender of Positive Thinking.