Volume 1

Issue 2

4 June 2017

Hello PIZAZZ NEWS Readers,

Thank-you so much for all your positive engagement and your LOVE and LIKES! You were all so very kind and thoughtful to my dear friend Jodi Verse. I appreciate everyone’s good will and consideration, thank-you for sharing your love! Have you read Jodi’s writing and her creative take on the splotches that give New York City its jiving authenticity? I think what she does is unique and her quest to find the heart, soul, dirt and grit of the ‘old’ New York keeps it very much ALIVE!

Jodi has put Positive Thinking into action! HER own brand of Positive Thinking! Our Jodi has succeeded in creating something that looks potentially like body fluid and turned it into ART.

I am all for originality and wouldn’t have Jodi any other way. I do wonder if she went all Method Acting and it is HER bodily fluid splattered on the streets of the East-side and/or the West-side of what we know as New York, but I suspect she would just keep us guessing indefinitely and burst into spasmodic fits of giggles if we asked her.

It is good to surround ourselves with people who elevate us in some way. People who are doing what makes them happy in life are happier people!

I particularly liked what Jodi had to say when I asked her about how she felt regarding other people’s perception about her artwork titled, ‘Neighborhood Splotch.’ Her response was simply;

“I quite liked what I had come up with even before anyone officially approved it.”

How great was that answer? She did also confess to caring and not caring, and this ambivalence can be incredibly powerful if we channel it and ask ourselves the right questions such as; what are we really worried about? And follow this with some vintage Positive Thinking, “Fark it - Let’s Just Disco.”

If it’s other people’s perceptions or criticisms we worry about, then maybe we should break it down and apply some objective perspective as to their input; 1)Why are they being critical and do they offer a benefit or solution to me? 2) What proof do they have that their solutions are better? 3) Do they have my best interests at heart or is it just their own fear or prejudices that they are imparting?

Do not allow Negative Ned and Negative Nancy’s insidious comments to become your ‘truths’.

If we are going to pursue our goals, follow our dreams and dive into our passions then we need to be willing to take risks. And not when everything is perfect because perfection may never happen! We already know that without taking a risk there can be no reward and it all begins when we say, ‘This is ME.’

It THRILLS me no end to hear, see and read all the positive things that are going on in your lives. I look forward to engaging with you all further and considering your individual perspectives.

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to read about Gratitude Journals!!

You can find out more about why I support writing in Gratitude Journals in my brief article titled, ‘Gratitude Journals’ – which you will find in ‘Articles’ and it is brief – just the facts and a tiny bit of PIZAZZ!

I am always interested in knowing and communicating with visionaries, leaders, self-starters, and unique individuals. I encourage all creative people -thinkers, dreamers, and other Positive Souls to engage with me on all those places where there are LIKE and LOVE buttons!

If you are not sold on Positive Thinking let me know and I will send you some LOVE but just so you know, my goal is to spread and infect people – possibly everyone on this planet with a serious and sickening dose of Positive Thinking. ENJOY the interview and thank-you for joining me in this little soiree.

Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,
Natasha Stone,
Defender of Positive Thinking.