Volume 1

Issue 3

14 June 2017

Hello PIZAZZ NEWS Readers,

I have been sending out the L.O.V.E to you and trusting the universe passes and spreads it around appropriately. Judging by the positive vibrational frequencies I am receiving - you are getting some of it and I hope you are sharing it too!

I think it was Burt Bacharach who went all out and infected the world with the LOVE virus in that song we all know and secretly love called, “What the World Needs Now is Love” (sweet love). Somebody has to write and play music in this world. Somebody has to draw and paint. Somebody has to act. The world would be so ugly and hideous without music and art, poetry and stories, books and films.

This brings me to Thompson Crowley. He is someone who is a self-confessed ‘Hippie’, an independent artist who is inspired by the 60s and makes music and music videos to reflect that era in today’s world. He is well aware that his work may not be to everyone’s liking, but ultimately, it feels right to him to make that music and it makes him happy which is why he does it.

“[P]ursuing a career in music has indeed brought about much criticism from people, especially in the wayward fashion which I have tried to do it in. But it has always felt right listening to my heart and continuing with it; no other path could ever satisfy. And those small successes: positive reactions at gigs, compliments from friends, Cd sales, etc. have given me reassurance enough so as to push me on.”

Thompson Crowley is someone who has a tremendous love for adventure. And in his groovy spirit of adventure and freedom finding, he took to the road and travelled for a year. It hasn’t been the only time he has gone and, in the words of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, “walked the earth”, but Thompson was inspired to write a book about it.

“At Home in the Bushes”, Thompson’s book about his one year experience travelling throughout Britain, was the culmination of the frustration he felt with the life he thought he had, and the realisation that the only thing constraining him was himself!

“What originally inspired me to go travelling, before the van trip, was disillusionment towards a traditional lifestyle - work, rent, settling. I just wasn’t ready to lay roots and wanted to explore both the surrounding landscape and my own mind, accompanying my development in writing.”

If more people did what makes them happy – they would in turn be happier people. Thompson Crowley, who I am now quoting a third time, left us with this piece of advice;

“Listen to your peers, but find your own path and stay true to it. Constantly put yourself in new situations; step out of your comfort zone. Create, create, create; the more the better. And enjoy yourself!”

I think Thompson has given us some excellent advice. Collaborating with other people can be such an enriching experience, particularly if they are encouraging and supportive, but even if they are not, knowing what we want independent to other people and pursing our own passion(s) is practically the best way to spend and invest our time. It is surprising how productive a person can be when they are doing something they care about.

We all need to believe and trust in ourselves more. We learn how to improve by creating - by doing, and then we evaluate the outcomes. If something isn’t working for us or giving us the result that we want – then we need to try something different. And that is what stepping outside of our comfort zone is.

Without taking a risk there can be no reward and we need to take risks in life. I’m not saying put all your dollars on the number 7 at the Roulette wheel – but if you are feeling particularly good and lucky then gamble responsibly. Bet on yourself to win!

The next interview is delivered through audio. BRACE YOURSELF. Hold on to your hats, berets, and wigs and if you just had hip surgery, take it easy, you might want to sit down for this. Pull out a Cigar and have a Scotch or Cognac, make yourself a cup of tea, or bring out the Canadian maple syrup and drizzle it over your pancakes!

So I leave you all now but I look forward to telling you all to keep Thinking Positive and Just Do IT! ENJOY the interview and thank-you for joining me in this little soiree.

Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,
Natasha Stone,
Defender of Positive Thinking.