Volume 1

Issue 5

3 July 2017

Hello PIZAZZ NEWS Readers,

Thank-you all so much for your encouraging words and engagement with the Positive Thinking project!

It is so WONDERFUL to know that so many other people support and believe in Positive Thinking!!!! I want to keep infecting more people with the happy virus! I am aiming for 7.5 billion people so I need your help to spread the virus!!! Just give it to them! Bring those sad and grumpy Negative Ned’s and Negative Nancy’s into the sunshine I say!!! The world will be so much better for it! Really, do we need any more people with no new ideas or ways of benefitting and solving problems in this world? I think we have all those positions filled already! We all value and want to spend time with people who are positive, open-minded and creative because, well, they are more interesting and fun to be around!!

In the most recent interview for PIZAZZ NEWS I introduced the melodically marvellous Sheree’ P. Sheree’ P is a Hip Hop singer/songwriter who was born in Florida and raised in Virginia in the US. Her mother worked for the Navy and Sheree’ P spent much of her childhood travelling as a result of her mother’s military career. We can surmise from this background story that Sheree’ P didn’t have a powerless female figure growing up! Further, Sheree’s Christian upbringing inspired and directed her musically – Sheree’ P sang in the church choir. In addition, her inspirational musical influences include the likes of Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child, Keke Wyatt, Aaliyah, Teedra Moses, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton.

For anyone who is not familiar with Hip Hop, it is a style of music which originated in the US in the 1970s and was essentially founded by the African American community. Rapping, rhyming, synthesising, MCing, DJing are all core elements of Hip Hop. I am a huge fan – particularly Old School!

So Sheree’ P, who rhymes and also expresses her work in poetry, has released a new music video for her single titled “Miss Me When I’m Gone”. If you haven’t seen or heard it yet you can find it on my website under the tab titled “Positive Change” or on YouTube. I asked Sheree’ P about the meaning of her song and this is how she described it;

“Miss Me When I’m Gone is a song I wrote about my past relationship with the father of my children. I had to pack up all what I could and hit the road on the spot after the final straw. I could no longer subject my kids or myself to the lifestyle we were living for those years. The video is a depiction of the turn of events that happened leading up to my decisioning on leaving. …Miss Me When I’m Gone is a song that’s meant to inspire and motivate women to get out of their abusive relationship and believe in themselves.”

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! I think Sheree’ P has done a great service to herself and her children by leaving what can only be described as a deeply traumatizing experience. Sheree’ P is AMAZING for turning her story into a song and a poem, and in my view, she is a real hero and worthy of admiration and respect. And when I say respect – I can hear Aretha Franklin sing it loud; R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Sheree’ P believes that no person is an island and that we all need to seek inspiration and consider other perspectives from time to time. She takes inspiration from positive people who are role models in the community. I was drawn to an AMAZING speech she posted on her Twitter account that was delivered by the actress Taraji P Henson (who plays the character Cookie in the show Empire).

“I just wanted to possibly change someone’s outlook on their situation. We never know what others are going through; sometimes a simple share of relatable content could change their whole mood.”

We know that having a positive mindset can have profound effects on the way we perceive our circumstances and the way in which we communicate with others. A positive state of mind can give us the impetus to take positive action and by doing so, we can achieve positive results for ourselves and others. I really enjoyed the energy Sheree’ P bought to PIZAZZ NEWS and I am looking forward to the release of her upcoming new singles!!

For the NEXT interview, I present to you a man of multi-entrepreneurial skills, a traveller, a seeker of truth, a supporter of women and the founder of the 8hr MONGOLIAN Massage – Michael Strickland.

I leave you all now but I look forward to telling you all to keep Thinking Positive and Just Do IT! ENJOY the interview and thank-you for joining me in this little soiree.

Sending Everyone Positive Vibes,
Natasha Stone,
Defender of Positive Thinking.