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Things to do to inject PIZAZZ into your day!

May 5, 2017
Negative Ned and Negative Nancy
May 5, 2017
May 5, 2017
S tart the day with two alarms in case one malfunctions. Nothing else promotes the belief by your house-mates/family/kids/cats or others that YOU are one goddamn crazy bitch/bastard by screaming hysterically for your Pashmina scarf and pushing everyone out of your way as you grab your keys and head out the door in your t-shirt and boxers. You know the boxers I’m talking about, the bright emerald green silky ones you stole from that sexy, yet mysterious, Irish Leprechaun you made ‘friends’ with during an all-night bender at the local gay bar. Mouthful of a sentence but said properly it works. Come on people – positive thinking!! We all end up in gay bars at one time or another, regardless of how confused and complicated our sexuality or asexuality is, because the music and atmosphere is fully sick!

If the situation above does not apply to you (repressed memory) then I offer you the following scenario to get that PIZAZZ into your system. Start the day right by having a WARM shower. Unless you are in the army or your shower is not working, you will not enjoy a cold shower in cooler climates. I am 100% all in, and in favour even, of ‘shocking’ and ‘waking’ up the system but a cold shower will never replace a cup of strong sexy coffee. Make a cup of coffee and drink it. Then make another one. Before you know it you will be awake and ready to go back into your room and find a suitable outfit that says, ‘Today I choose PIZAZZ.’ If you don’t already know, PIZAZZ is not gender specific. It is an equal opportunity experience! To do PIZAZZ you need to carefully select a minimum of 1 piece of accessory that screams, ‘I’m ready to do IT.’ Wear something that is not politically correct or boring but actually symbolizes that you have a sense of style and a sneaky sense of fashion!

INJECT some colour into your life by wearing it. Choose to be masculine or feminine and whatever that ‘look’ means to you! Androgynous is so PC. Go on – take a risk and pick a gender. You don’t have to stay that way if you were born that way. Then I suggest you pick some very glam, up-tempo music, think Earth Wind and Fire, PSY, ABBA, Sir Elton John, Boy George and Queen, and dance around while grooming yourself singing most of the chorus and/or verses totally wrong, off key and hell, why not even mash it up a bit and be all gangster and throw a rap in! The world is YOURS! Lastly, if you don’t already own one, get a pair of black sunglasses with diamantes on them. Bling is never out of fashion in the world of PIZAZZ. I should have said right from the start but wearing silly fancy underwear that belongs to the opposite gender is the secret to PIZAZZ. (Just keep it your secret).

It’s all about lifting your mood, even a little bit, to manifest more of a positive mindset and it doesn’t matter how silly it is – if it works for you then do it! Do you think that if I was in a depressed and pissed off state I would be writing any of this? Highly unlikely. I’d be thinking, ‘What is this PIZAZZ shit? I haven’t got time for that! I’m actually trying to DO things – who cares what fucking mood I am in?’ You see that - it would be a very different story indeed. So the thing about encouraging yourself into positive thinking, which in turn, makes it a ‘benefit’, is that if you are in a positive state, people will notice it. They will KNOW it. The OPPOSITE of that is equally true. If you are in a negative state, people will notice that too and unfortunately, unless you are paying them money or offering them something of benefit to THEM, they are not going to want to help or assist you in whatever it is you are hoping to achieve; whether it is to make more friends, change the world, build your business, get a job, find a partner, get married – whatever it is that you seek. When considered like this – PIZAZZ is not as frivolous as it sounds but actually a MASSIVE benefit to YOU.

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